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  • 水华;藻华;藻类大量繁殖
  • 藻花
  • 藻类繁生;藻华;红潮
  • 藻类过量繁殖
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  1. Red tides or algal blooms are natural discolorations of seawater caused by the rapid multiplication of algae
  2. Bloom a sudden growth of microorganisms in a freshwater or marine ecosystem , often known as an algal bloom
  3. In the united states , the government says harmful algal blooms cause more than eighty million dollars in economic losses each year
  4. He has located possible exits for such a channel , as well as tiny fossils of mediterranean algal blooms formed in the past 10 , 000 years
  5. An algal bloom is a rapid buildup of algae that sucks oxygen out of the water while releasing toxic substances , killing marine plants and fish

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