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  • [Medicine]
    Growth of a superabundance of algae and other microscopic plant life usually from an enrichment of a natural body of water by the addition of dissolved nutrients,especially nitrogen and phosphorus. It may be natural,induced (water pollution),or controlled (harvesting phytoplankton for food in an aquaculture system).
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  1. red tides or algal blooms are natural discolorations of seawater caused by the rapid multiplication of algae
  2. bloom a sudden growth of microorganisms in a freshwater or marine ecosystem, often known as an algal bloom
  3. in the united states, the government says harmful algal blooms cause more than eighty million dollars in economic losses each year
  4. Then there are those persistent algal blooms in the western bay.
  5. The big algal bloom just sucked up all of the oxygen.

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