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  1. He was one of three African-American founders of Aiken County in 1871, helped pick the site for the courthouse, and served as the state legislator from the county through 1874.
  2. There were other episodes of white violence in the months before the election, including an estimated 100 blacks killed during several days in Ellenton, South Carolina, also in Aiken County.
  3. These included David George, one of eight slaves who were baptized and formed a congregation called the Silver Bluff Baptist Church in Aiken County, South Carolina, across the river from Savannah.
  4. Bridgestone / Firestone Inc ., Nashville, Tenn ., a unit of Bridgestone Corp ., plans to build a $ 435 million passenger and light-truck tire-manufacturing plant in Aiken County, S . C.
  5. McClain, who had worked at the plant for 17 years, said he was stopped by Aiken County sheriff's deputies on his way to work July 29 and arrested on a 4-year-old misdemeanor warrant.
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