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  1. In 1991, SRS employed 25, 000 people, and the plant generated 54 cents of every dollar in personal income accumulated in Aiken County.
  2. Until Thanksgiving Day in 1950, New Ellenton was just Ellenton, a small hamlet located close to the Savannah River in southern Aiken County.
  3. There were numerous demonstrations by the Red Shirts white Ellenton riots in October, and other similar events in Aiken County and Edgefield District.
  4. Verenes said she sent flyers last May to prospective seniors in Aiken County's seven high schools in hopes of enlisting starting drivers for a position.
  5. Nearby is the Ergle log cabin, dating to about 1808, furnished with period pieces and thought to be the oldest standing edifice in Aiken County.
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  7. The bank won a lawsuit in Richmond County, Georgia, and sued in Aiken County in August seeking the residence and land to help repay the loan.
  8. This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Aiken County, South Carolina, United States.
  9. On November 16, 1987, the remains of a mixed-race woman of predominantly African and possibly Asian or East Indian heritage were found in Aiken County, South Carolina.
  10. The younger Thurmond, who graduated from the University of South Carolina law school in 1995, is an assistant in the office of Aiken County prosecutor Barbara Morgan.
  11. Aiken, S . C . _ The Aiken Bird Club hosts the Fifth Annual Winterfest Bird Fair Saturday and Feb . 13 at the Aiken County Fairgrounds.
  12. Gary McClain has sued his former employer, Tenneco Packaging, Aiken County Sheriff Howard Sellers and others, saying the company conspired with deputies to remove him from union activity.
  13. -- BANK MERGER : Carolina First Corp . ( NSDQ : CAFC ) agreed to acquire closely held Aiken County National Bank for 7 million dlrs in stock.
  14. He first shot her in the back and leg and then, in what Aiken County prosecutor Barbara Morgan described as " execution-style, " shot her in the head.
  15. Rivers was one of three African-American founders of Aiken County, established by the state legislature in 1871 during Reconstruction, and he helped pick the site for the county courthouse.
  16. In Aiken County, S . C ., two women died within about an hour of each other when their cars skidded on ice and were struck by oncoming traffic.
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