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"ahom" in Chinese  
  1. The Ahom army on the south bank was successful in their fighting.
  2. They were thoroughly routed by the Ahom general Lachit Borphukan.
  3. It was the headquarters of Borphukans during the Ahom era.
  4. There are several instances of performing this festival by the Ahom kings.
  5. Originally the title was conferred by the Ahom kingdom of medieval Assam.
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  7. Raja Gandharva Narayan Dev witnessed the climax of Ahom-Mughal conflict.
  8. Tyao Khamti was the third son of Ahom king Sukhaangphaa.
  9. In 1707, Ahom king Gourinath Singha decided to visit this satra.
  10. Ram Singh, the Ahom king, Chakradhwaj Singha.
  11. The entry of the Borphukan transformed the Ahom soldiers.
  12. He assisted the Mughals in a war with the Ahom kingdom in 1666.
  13. Namrup was an important place during the Ahom Kingdom.
  14. Koch Bihar became a vassal of the Ahom control and was subsequently absorbed.
  15. His conquest expanded the kingdom to the western border of the Ahom kingdom.
  16. The Ahom kingdom emerged from the rebellion much weakened.
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