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  1. With a cleverly contemptuous look at exorbitant player salaries, commercial endorsements and sports-aholic fanaticism, " Celtic Pride " serves subtle satire between the silliness.
  2. The exhibition starts with a shoe-aholic's dream, a wall of white Manolo Blahnik shoe boxes stretching almost to the ceiling and some 10 meters ( yards ) wide.
  3. Just once more, then I promise to consider attending a Griffeys Anonymous session ( " Hi, I'm Art, and I'm a Grif-aholic " ).
  4. So this consummate can-do kid, this tireless workout-aholic who embodies the twin virtues of dedication and determination, will be at inside linebacker for the 49ers on Sunday in the Super Bowl.
  5. At work or home or on the go, Wallace loves the idea that he can use e-mail to stay in touch with his " e-mail-aholic " family members no matter where they are.
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  7. And at the end of the trail there lurks the biggest threat of all : Bill Clinton, a campaign-aholic who thrives on the blarney and flesh-pressing that the Kansas senator shrinks from, and who begins with a big lead.
  8. Admitted Gucci-aholic Jennifer Tilly, wearing a V-necked knit black Gucci gown, announced Gucci designer Tom Ford as the recipient of the Fashion Design Award, but, alas, all we got was a videotape of him saying thanks.
  9. Meanwhile, the guy, Benjamin Barry ( McConaughey ), is a date-aholic advertising executive, who's in danger of losing an account to two tall, beautiful, and lifeless co-workers ( Shalom Harlow and Michael Michele ).
  10. When the first episodes of " Wayne's World " aired on " Saturday Night Live " in 1982, actors Dana Carvey and Mike Myers introduced words like " babe-aholic " and " schwing ."
  11. His story follows a group of young fans of the originAlmovie on a camping tour of its setting, the woods around Burkittsville, Md . _ a tour guide, an aspiring Wiccan ( witch ), a pretty goth-aholic, a scholar writing a book on
  12. The amazing thing about America's love affair with the " Seinfeld " gang _ anal Jerry, rage-aholic George, manic Kramer and spastic Elaine, if you live under a rock or without a television _ is that they are superficial, often contemptible people.
  13. In all the merry cackling over Morality Czar William Bennett's private hypocrisy as a slot-aholic, I didn't read much about the public hypocrisy of preachy politicians, in both parties, making our states more and more invested in liquor sales, tobacco taxes and gambling revenues.
  14. Bauer's teenage daughter Kim ( Elisha Cuthbert ) continues to be a magnet for Mr . Wrongs She's a nanny for a young girl, but her employer turns out to be a rage-aholic; by next week's episode she's on the run from PsychoDad.
  15. Malick ( from HBO's " Dream On " ) is a saucy standout as Zoe, the cutthroat creative director, and underrated veteran actor Cassel is enjoyable as Jack, the senior copy-writer, who isn't the dedicated work-aholic everyone thinks he is . _ GRAHAM
  16. Mike Metter, editor of Car Stereo Review's Mobile Entertainment and a self-described " road gear-aholic, " complained about the profusion of controls and suggested that " all vehicle operators, no matter what the situation, should be considered ` designated drivers . "'
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