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  1. But Vaughn has never been confused for a workout-aholic, never been renowned for dietary discipline.
  2. Jenrette, who calls himself a house-aholic, has either sold or given away eight other houses.
  3. Marc described his father as a  hope-aholic who saw the potential for good in almost everyone.
  4. Former Waco resident Ashley Vela is a shoe-aholic, and she's not ashamed to admit it.
  5. VIOXX-AHOLIC-COLUMN-- My name is Chris, and I'm a Vioxx-aholic.
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  7. VIOXX-AHOLIC-COLUMN-- My name is Chris, and I'm a Vioxx-aholic.
  8. Since 1990, Brodsky has often chided the running back for shortchanging his potential by not becoming a workout-aholic.
  9. After Game 3, Riley said : " I'm like a basketball coach-aholic that bottoms out.
  10. Then there's the shoe-aholic who keeps bringing in the same beloved pair of Stephane Kelians for repair.
  11. With this book, anyone becomes an instant expert on the tube _ a must for the TV-aholic in your life.
  12. That usually happens on Jan . 4, but the timing is a point on which notoriously work-aholic Japan is surprisingly loose.
  13. His unselfishness will rub off on shot-aholic Bryant, and his dirty work will allow O'Neal a cleaner life in the lane.
  14. "I'm a spa-aholic, " confessed Kimberly Jane Daiber, a New York designer of clothing and home furnishings.
  15. I'm a music-aholic, and I can already see how contributing to this tome of human knowledge can become such an addiction!
  16. This means you're probably one of his many closet fans, a Howie-aholic who won't admit dependency, a humorless moron.
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