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  1. The following table shows a brief overview of Ahold's earnings.
  2. Ahold agreed to buy all shares in Stop & Shop.
  3. Details of that share sale will be announced later, Ahold said.
  4. Ahold has openly stated its desire to add more chains.
  5. Royal Ahold said it expects to resolve any regulatory concerns.
  6. It's difficult to find ahold in a sentence.
  7. "It's like grabbing ahold of a freight train.
  8. Eventually, Nomura got ahold of the camera and destroyed the film.
  9. On Friday Royal Ahold increased 3 / 8 to 62.
  10. Today, Royal Ahold ADRs gained 1 7 / 8.
  11. Some analysts also had been expecting Ahold to announce another purchase today.
  12. Ahold is already the number one food retailer on the East Coast.
  13. On Friday, Royal Ahold ADRs rose 13 / 16.
  14. Royal Ahold ADRs gained 1 3 / 16 on Friday.
  15. The best thing is how easy I am to get ahold of.
  16. These children were fine until CPS got ahold of them,
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