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  1. Ahold declined 1.7 guilders to 75.5 guilders.
  2. Ahold has openly stated its desire to find add more chains.
  3. Ahold said it wants to complete the acquisition on July 31.
  4. Ahold said 49.8 million shares were tendered and accepted.
  5. Several companies, including Royal Ahold NV, will post earnings.
  6. It's difficult to find ahold in a sentence.
  7. He'd chew on anything he could get ahold of.
  8. Ahold is already the top food retailer on the East Coast.
  9. Ahold paid $ 368 million for a stake in the venture.
  10. Merely getting ahold of the guy is a major franchise task.
  11. Share of stomach is the name of the game at Ahold,
  12. "I won't get ahold of that stuff.
  13. Morkhoven got ahold of these names and began its own investigation.
  14. I try to toss them before they get ahold of me.
  15. Royal Ahold president Cees van der Hoeven said in a statement.
  16. I was lucky to get ahold of a man like him,
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