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  1. National customers such as Walmart, Ahold USA, HEB Grocery, 7-Eleven, Kroger, Yucaipa, Albertsons, Publix, Target, Safeway, Costco and Sam s were among the largest accounts handles by his organization.
  2. On February 1, 2006 Topco announced the acquisition of BrainTree Sourcing from Ahold USA, forming a new company called TopSource LLC ( as a wholly owned subsidiary of Topco Associates LLC ), which is now known as Topco's Indirect Spend program.
  3. In 2010, Stop & Shop's parent company, Ahold USA, plans to relocate its corporate headquarters, which is currently based in Quincy, Massachusetts, to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in order to centralize Ahold's U . S . operations in one location.
  4. Rich's Chairman and Chief Executive Arnie Orlick, Ahold USA President and CEO Robert G . Tobin and Haverty Furniture Chairman Rawson Haverty will be among the thousands of department store and specialty retail executives dissecting the latest trends and issues at the National Retail Federation's 89th annual convention and exposition.
  5. During the short time since the sustainable seafood movement began, and as a result of the work of Seafood Choices and others, Unilever is now being joined by a spate of companies  from Wal-Mart and retail giant Ahold USA to Darden Restaurants and McDonald's  seeking to improve their sourcing.
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  7. Rounding out the top five : Albertson's, based in Boise, Idaho, 1647 stores, $ 36.8 billion; Safeway, Pleasanton, Calif ., 1, 493 stores, $ 28.6 billion; Ahold USA, Atlanta, 1, 033 stores ( including Stop & Shop, Giant, Tops and BI-LO ), $ 21.4 billion; and Costco, Issaquah, Wash ., 302 stores, $ 17.6 billion.
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