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  1. "' Ahmedabad Collectorate "'is administrative head office of Collector of Ahmedabad District in Ahmedabad City ( District Headquarters ).
  2. Recently the area of working of AUDA has been limited due to merger of 18 Gram Panchanyats of Ahmedabad district with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.
  3. After this law passed, on 27 November 2002, ICICI Bank took possession of Mardia Chemical plant in Vatva, Ahmedabad district, Gujarat.
  4. It also presented video tapes of Patel brothers'conversations with two of Amit Shah's associates at Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank ( ADCB ).
  5. Mehsana district borders with Banaskantha district in the north, Patan and Surendranagar districts in west, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad districts in south and Sabarkantha district in the east.
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  7. Bhavnagar borders with Ahmedabad District to the northeast, Botad District to the northwest, the Gulf of Cambay to the east and south and Amreli District to the west.
  8. This district is surrounded by Bhavnagar District to the southeast, Surendranagar District to the north and northwest, Amreli District to the southwest, Ahmedabad District to the northeast and Rajkot District to the west.
  9. Bhavnagar Taluka is in the northeastern part of Bhavnagar District, and borders on Botad District to the north, Ahmedabad District to the northeast, the Gulf of Khambhat to the east, Ghogha Taluka to the southeast, Sihor Taluka to the southwest, and Vallabhipur Taluka to the west.
  10. Next he served Sir George Clerk, the Governor, as private secretary, and then was given charge of the Ahmedabad district, where he pursued his archeological hobbies, and when he came home on long leave in 1865-66 he published three large works of the architectural monuments of Ahmedabad, Bijapur, and Dharwar.
  11. The "'Vaghela dynasty "', also spelled "'Waghela "', was a short-lived Indian Rajput dynasty who ruled Gujarat from 1243 to 1299 CE . Based in the town of Dholka, present Ahmedabad district, it was also the last Hindu ruling dynasty of the region, before the Muslim rulers, came in.
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