ahmedabad city in a sentence

  1. The Civil hospital of Ahmedabad City is also located near Shahibaug.
  2. It is a residential cum commercial area in Ahmedabad City.
  3. Gota is a residential cum commercial area in Ahmedabad City.
  4. On this site there is a map depicting the growth of Ahmedabad city.
  5. It is the plush area of the Ahmedabad city.
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  7. Gota is a village like part of Ahmedabad city.
  8. It was swallowed up by Ahmedabad city in its westward growth during the 1970s.
  9. The community is found mainly in Ahmedabad city.
  10. It is a very good locality and well connected with the other areas of the Ahmedabad city.
  11. The development has also led to Bopal Crossroads becoming one of the most polluted areas in Ahmedabad city.
  12. Ranip was part of Ahmedabad city till the 70's when until the new ring road was developed.
  13. The "'Ahmedabad City Police "'are responsible for law enforcement and public safety in Ahmedabad, India.
  14. "' Ahmedabad Collectorate "'is administrative head office of Collector of Ahmedabad District in Ahmedabad City ( District Headquarters ).
  15. The Momna are now divided into three endogamous groups, the Shia Momna found in Mehsana District, Ahmedabad city, and the talukas of Gujarati.
  16. That evening, he was briefly arrested by Ahmedabad City Police when he went on fast after a rally held earlier in the day had dispersed.
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