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  • Noun: Ahmad Shah Masoud
    1. Afghan leader of forces opposed to the Taliban; won fame by successfully resisting the Soviets in the 1980s; was assassinated by men posing as journalists (1953-2001)
      - Masoud

    Type of: leader

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  1. In raids a few days earlier they had arrested some 11 suspected al-Qaida sympathizers, including an Algerian believed to have planned the assassination of the anti-Taliban leader Ahmad Shah Masoud in Afghanistan on Sept . 9, 2001.
  2. The Taliban, a student-led opposition faction, aiming to topple the government of President Burhanuddin Rabbani, last week had threatened to attack the capital on Monday if Rabbani and his chief military ally Ahmad Shah Masoud did not surrender.
  3. The first issue of a postage stamp after the hiatus was the May 2002 stamp showing Ahmad Shah Masoud, a military general and national hero who defended Afghanistan against the Soviet Union in the 1980s and later led a resistance movement against the Taliban.
  4. The many Afghans who were this week commemorating their own national disaster, the murder a year ago of Ahmad Shah Masoud, leader of the only group to hold out against the Taliban, mostly decided that the capital was too dangerous a place to linger in for long.

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