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  1. Waugh soon overcame his initial aversion to Lancing, settled in and established his reputation as an aesthete.
  2. On Carleton's death the lease passed to his nephew, the architect and aesthete George III.
  3. Browning comments that an aesthete can fail in life either through attempting nothing, or attempting too much.
  4. They can be popular and progressive, showman and aesthete, wild card and poet, cowboy and Indian.
  5. For aesthetes who prefer a computer with a more elegant look, there are a couple of nice choices.
  6. It's difficult to find aesthete in a sentence.
  7. In a nutshell : Three hours of provocative and repetitive art-movie torture from New York aesthete Barney.
  8. Oh, taxis are " industrial . " Perhaps these things are of paramount importance to New York aesthetes.
  9. Bugs is established as an anti-aesthete first by his initial choice of musical organ, the banjo.
  10. In the past, it was traditional for hearties to throw aesthetes into this pond as a practical joke.
  11. A consequence of the rotation method would be the aesthete's lack of commitment to any one thing.
  12. An aesthete of diverse tastes, Guerlain purchased porcelain from the The Magpie " ) and antique books.
  13. This is definitely not some snooty aesthete slumming in hopes of giving his art the hard-edge of reality.
  14. For all the heated language, the conflict shaking public radio is not the stereotypical struggle between aesthetes and philistines.
  15. It proposes that every discerning shopper is something of an artist, too _ or at least a natural aesthete.
  16. An aesthete fond of wine and hunting, he felt able to devote himself to extravagance and displays of pomp.
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