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  1. The Aesthetes in England, such as Oscar Wilde, shared these same fascinations.
  2. Eric Portman plays the aesthete-bluebeard seducer.
  3. On Rue Blomet, the Bal N鑗re cabaret attracted both aesthetes and the curious.
  4. An aesthete, Malraux believed that art was spiritually-enriching and necessary for humanity.
  5. Gerald was an aesthete from his childhood.
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  7. Then, there are the aesthetes.
  8. The aesthetes of governance have been fretting for some years over declining voter participation in elections.
  9. A dedicated aesthete, he was 26 when he bought his first piece of African sculpture.
  10. The aesthete makes a " half hour s single individual this involves only change in oneself.
  11. They are paradises for aesthetes ."
  12. His lifelong friend aesthete and a somewhat witty companion, saved many of Beerbohm's letters.
  13. He was an undergraduate at Balliol College, Oxford, where he was counted as an Aesthete.
  14. He's the Oscar Wilde of Charleston, aesthete of okra, oysters, pilaf and benne.
  15. Flamboyant British writer, aesthete and socialite David Herbert has died, aged 86, British newspapers reported.
  16. In the 13th century, Kings aesthete and wished to make the castle a comfortable place to live.
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