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  1. The spectral transition of Cygnus X-1 can be explained using a two component advective flow solution, as proposed by Chakrabarti and Titarchuk.
  2. An example of this effect is shown in the diagram opposite, which illustrates a 1D advective equation with a step wave propagating to the right.
  3. This resolution is sufficient to resolve the equatorial current system, but is too coarse to capture the highly energetic mesoscale eddies-whose advective and diffusive effects are parameterized.
  4. This solution for the layer containing the PBL-scale roll wavelength requires a modification of the flux transports to accommodate modeling of the advective motion of the large vortices.
  5. This complex biophysical interaction determines the fate of the larvae; the overlap between advective pathway destination and spatial distributions of suitable benthic habitats must be favourable in order for the larvae to settle and reach maturity.

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