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  1. With their commander wounded, the Swedes decided not to press the assault despite their very advantageous position.
  2. That puts Republicans in a particularly advantageous position because the party in power has an easier time raising money.
  3. All of that puts Kemp, 61, in an advantageous position, for this campaign and the next.
  4. One wonders whether it is using this interval to put itself in a more advantageous position next time around.
  5. After 1945, the United States enjoyed an advantageous position with respect to the rest of the industrialized world.
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  7. The OPEC price for oil had soared, placing the oil-rich Soviet Union in an advantageous position.
  8. As I'm in an advantageous position, Sima Yi will not dare to come and attack me.
  9. Multinational agencies are in a more advantageous position at the moment as they have a higher ratio of international clients.
  10. Meanwhile, Mr Wadsworth said Hong Kong and the mainland were in an advantageous position to recover from the regional turmoil.
  11. Robinson moved among the men of his fire team, instructing and inspiring them, and placing them in advantageous positions.
  12. Despite initially responding with machine gun fire and RPGs, PLAN soon abandoned its advantageous position and retreated to the northwest.
  13. In their confidence, they prioritized their numbers, advantageous position, redoubts and Saxon courage in superiority over the Swedes.
  14. When a shore breeze finally filled in, however, Assa Abloy was closer to land and in a highly advantageous position.
  15. But it's also easier, not to mention more logical, to run the football from such an advantageous position.
  16. He added that the franchisees will be at an advantageous position as the businesses they are in have established names and networks.
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