advantageous position in a sentence

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  1. It would put him in an unbelievably advantageous position for the Democratic nomination in 2004.
  2. We are in a uniquely advantageous position because of the number of projects we have,
  3. That gave them an advantageous position now.
  4. But the growing influence of the Church gradually crowded them out of this advantageous position.
  5. Its neutrality broken, both sides quickly moved to establish advantageous positions in the Commonwealth.
  6. It's difficult to find advantageous position in a sentence.
  7. Stevenson took Diaz down at will and held multiple advantageous position throughout the 3 rounds.
  8. The bulk of the ABAKO leadership was arrested, leaving the MNC in an advantageous position.
  9. Spain, however, was not in a particularly advantageous position to capture Gibraltar in 1727.
  10. They stepped up the struggle for an advantageous position, but neither could manage a decisive maneuver.
  11. Due to this advantageous position, Shawinigan became a hot bed for organized labor and bargaining power.
  12. Because the bulk of the ABAKO leadership was arrested, leaving the MNC in an advantageous position.
  13. Norreys sent 700 English troops to demonstrate before Mercour and hastened him to abandon his advantageous positions.
  14. In this situation, the Soviets would be in an extremely advantageous position for a negotiated peace.
  15. The Cardinals found themselves in a similarly advantageous position this weekend, but they did nothing with it.
  16. At the root of office politics is the issue of influence to put themselves into an advantageous position.
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