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  1. Sasser has stressed his experience and the advantages of his seniority.
  2. He starts the campaign with a significant advantage in Democratic enrollment.
  3. For a long time, nobody seemed to have the advantage.
  4. Natrone Means ran it in for a 17-0 advantage.
  5. The Bears, in general, enjoyed a huge territorial advantage.
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  7. The advantage for Nucor is clear, if the process works.
  8. The advantage of the PowerPC is that it is blisteringly fast.
  9. The Raiders haven't been taking advantage of bad quarterbacks.
  10. They badly wanted AFC home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.
  11. Most software doesn't take full advantage of Pentium features.
  12. Holman said, " and that is a big advantage.
  13. It may have the advantage of being safer, relatively speaking.
  14. Congress has been notably slow to take advantage of the Internet.
  15. The advantage of this is a sharp focus on the present.
  16. We've got to take advantage of our scoring opportunities.
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