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  1. two years later at the advance base on Betelgeuse, Alexa and Mark are greeted by Toshiro Matsuda.
  2. Only then were the Marines in the Philippines included in the General Board's advanced base force concept.
  3. The use of a support vessel for land-based aircraft at an advanced base site was an experimental concept.
  4. The British finally withdrew from Afghanistan, and from Peshawar which they held as an advance base, in 1842.
  5. The school assembled a handful of officers and men to begin the formal study of advanced base defenses.
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  7. Auto buyers should expect to see plenty more high-tech advances based on safety, security or convenience, analysts say.
  8. Schools would be required to report the number of students they advance based on the appeals committee decisions.
  9. CONDUCTOR-MCGEGAN _ Short interview / concert advance based on conversation with Nicholas McGegan, ASO guest conductor this weekend.
  10. Mindoro could also serve as the advanced base for U . S . troops going to fight in Luzon.
  11. Boardman and Tasker left Advance Base Camp on 15 May and reached the second snow cave the same day.
  12. During his tenure of 1915 1917, he spoke for the Commandant, stressing the missions of the Advanced Base Force.
  13. Bookings are tried to be detected in advance based on a racial profiling, and are denied to possible orthodox Jews.
  14. The establishment of the Institute made DUT the most advanced base in China in terms of training integrated circuit talents.
  15. Its executives advance based on seniority, not achievement, and are much more focused on avoiding mistakes than on taking risks.
  16. The German Army captured Libau in May, and it was subsequently turned into an advance base for the German Navy.
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