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  1. Inmates were to be held only for short periods until they learned to behave behind bars _ as indicated by Supermax's formal name, the Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center.
  2. Around 2 : 35 pm, Jackson was escorted by officer Frank DeLeon back to the Adjustment Center, where another officer performed a second search prior to returning Jackson to his cell.
  3. The name of the hall ( as part of St . Paul's ) was changed to St . Raphael's Geriatric Adjustment Center for the Blind and the Visually handicapped.
  4. He will then be taken in handcuffs and under armed escort to his assigned cell in the adjustment center, a maximum security housing unit where all prisoners newly sentenced to death are confined.
  5. After finding the keys for the Adjustment Center's exit, Jackson along with fellow inmate and close friend Johnny Spain escaped to the yard where Jackson was shot dead and Spain surrendered.
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  7. As of June 2013, Kentucky ended its decades long relationship with Corrections Corporation of America ( CCA ), closing "'Marion Adjustment Center "', the last private prison in Kentucky that housed Kentucky inmates.
  8. But outside the Adjustment Center the other day, guards wearing riot gear _ helmets with shields, padded vests ( to shield against stabbings ) and a full complement of guns and batons _ talked about their need for extra security.
  9. While death row generally is one of the quietest spots in the prison, attacks on guards have tripled in the past year and a half in the Adjustment Center, where the most disruptive condemned men are sent, officials say.
  10. Peterson will stay in the adjustment center as a so-called Grade B prisoner-- those designated to be either threatened or a threat-- for a few weeks while psychiatrists assess his educational background, personality and compatibility with other inmates.
  11. He introduced rehabilitation concepts into the program at the Catholic Guild, including many firsts such as mobility training for blind persons in the community, the American Center for Research in Blindness and Rehabilitation, and St . Raphael's Geriatric Adjustment Center.
  12. The Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center, across the road, housed male " death row " inmates until June 2010, when they were moved to the North Branch Correctional Institution near Cumberland, Maryland in the western portion of the state in Allegany County, Maryland.
  13. In the past Vermont had prisoners at the Lee Adjustment Center in Beattyville, Kentucky ( now closed ), and at the Florence Correctional Center in Florence, Arizona, both CCA properties . the state contracts with the GEO Group and has transferred out-of-state prisoners to the North Lake Correctional Facility in Michigan.
  14. Classified as Grade B's for their unruly behavior and gang affiliations, and housed apart from other death row prisoners in a three-story building known as the Adjustment Center, these inmates have attacked guards 67 times in a year and a half, triple the rate of attacks by Grade B prisoners just a few years ago, say officials at San Quentin, which is just north of San Francisco.
  15. The death row at San Quentin is divided into three sections : the quiet " North-Segregation " or " North-Seg, " built in 1934, for prisoners who " don't cause trouble "; the " East Block, " a " crumbling, leaky maze of a place built in 1927 "; and the " Adjustment Center " for the " worst of the worst . " A dedicated psychiatric facility serves the prisoners.
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