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  1. It differs from the more widely known techniques of laser engraving and laser ablation in that it is an additive process, adding material to the substrate surface instead of removing it.
  2. Chordioids as a technique is related to polychords insofar as polychords are the result of an additive process, but differs in that the basis of polychords is the addition of two known chords.
  3. The first natural color processes were in the 1900s and 1910s and were two color additive color processes or red and green missing primary color blue, one additive process of time was Kinemacolor.
  4. In the full additive process the bare laminate is covered with a photosensitive film which is imaged ( exposed to light through a mask and then developed which removes the unexposed film ).
  5. Yet most newcomers seemed like apprentices either to Glass, whose early fascination with additive process was then giving way to an interest in drama, or to Reich, who was focused on the intricacies of interlocking rhythms.
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  7. As additive processes evolved and their uses became more broadly applicable to manufacturing end products, the term Additive Manufacturing was officially adopted by ASTM and ISO to represent the diverse set of technologies that populate the field.
  8. The first successful natural color process was Britain's Kinemacolor ( 1908 1914 ), a two-color additive process that used a rotating disk with red and green filters in front of the camera lens and the projector lens.
  9. Mannes and Godowsky first took an interest in color photography when in 1917, still high school pupils at the time, they saw a movie called " Our Navy ", a movie made using a four-color additive process.
  10. Monitors produce white with what is known as a color additive process, equally mixing the brightest intensities of light from each of the three color guns in a cathode-ray tube : the primary colors red, green and blue.
  11. For this and other case-by-case reasons, the use of additive processes for theatrical motion pictures had been almost completely abandoned by the early 1940s, though additive color methods are employed by all the color video and computer display systems in common use today.
  12. Red-green-blue ( RGB ) colour spaces are used because light is detected in the human eye in terms of RGB . RGB is also most convenient where colours are being reproduced by an additive process of light such as in television or computer monitors.
  13. Although he occasionally cut a picture from a magazine and pasted it directly into one of his compositions, he usually traced images in pencil on wax paper laid over the original or with carbon paper laid underneath, and by an additive process created the finished work.
  14. A " 3D printer " is a device for making a three-dimensional object from a 3D model or other electronic data source through additive processes in which successive layers of material ( including plastics, metals, food, cement, wood, and other materials ) are laid down under computer control.
  15. One of the first minimalist compositions was " November " by Dennis Johnson, written in 1959 . A work for solo piano that lasted around six hours, it demonstrated many features that would come to be associated with minimalism, such as diatonic tonality, phrase repetition, additive process, and duration.
  16. Conductive inks can be a more economical way to lay down a modern conductive traces when compared to traditional industrial standards such as copper plated substrates to form the same conductive traces on relevant substrates, as printing is a purely additive process producing little to no waste streams which then have to be recovered or treated.
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