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  1. I'm aware that " 3d printing " actually means an additive process.
  2. A large number of additive processes are now available.
  3. A number of additive processes are now available.
  4. Unlike other motion-picture additive process.
  5. In the alternate, regular metal foams can be produced by additive processes such as selective laser melting ( SLM ).
  6. It's difficult to find additive process in a sentence.
  7. Additive manufacturing is achieved using an " additive process ", where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.
  8. Philip Glass's " 1 + 1 " ( 1968 ) employs the additive process in which short phrases are slowly expanded.
  9. Most rapid prototyping technologies are based on the additive process, solidifying thin layered sections or slices one on top of each other.
  10. Many exceptions to this rule are products of ring-opening polymerization, which tends to produce condensation-like polymers even though it is an additive process.
  11. The ( semi-) additive process is commonly used for multi-layer boards as it facilitates the plating-through of the holes to produce conductive vias in the circuit board.
  12. It is a kind of additive process and since they want to sell textbooks with the largest appeal, they put everything in in a kind of smorgasbord approach.
  13. Building on the Additive Manufacturing vs . 3D Printing paragraph, the newly reworked Additive Manufacturing page offers both concise and precise technical clarity, comprehending all 7 recognized additive processes.
  14. The manufacture of such devices is an additive process involving deposition of several successive layers of conductor, resistors and dielectric layers onto an electrically insulating substrate using a screen-printing process.
  15. The additive process has been available since 1960 and " such processes have been employed in fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate in England, South Africa " and other countries, the suit says.
  16. Compared to some other additive processes DED has seen less frequent implementation, however recent hybrid approaches combining it with CNC milling promise more extensive adoption of this technology in the future.
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