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  1. In theory, only a single additional bit is required to tell the decoder that the normal coding has been turned off for the entire input; however, most encoding algorithms use at least one full byte ( and typically more than one ) for this purpose.
  2. The defense lawyer made his points : showing, for instance, that Ms . Mazzola would have been hard-pressed to go into Simpson's house, collect two additional bits of evidence, close her eyes for a brief nap, and speak with Fung in the 10 minutes she said.
  3. After considering some preliminary objections, he " adds an additional bit of complexity " to the structure of the entitlement theory by refining Locke's proviso that " enough and as good " must be left in common for others by one's taking property in an unowned object.
  4. While IBM has defined and implemented a longer ( 128-bit ) hardware format on recent machines, which extends the timer on both ends by at least 8 additional bits, many programs continue to rely on the 64-bit format which remains as an accessible subset of the longer timer.
  5. With each additional bit added to a sample, quantization error is reduced by approximately 6 dB . For example, CD audio uses 16 bits per sample, and therefore will have quantization noise approximately 96 dB below the maximum possible sound pressure level ( when summed over the full bandwidth)
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