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  1. For this reason, they have been described as " an excellent example of adaptive radiation ".
  2. They used to flourish in the Tethys Sea and underwent a widespread adaptive radiation in the Cenozoic.
  3. The diversification of Calisto is referred to as an example of adaptive radiation into contrasting habitat types.
  4. Many species became extinct during the Permian and there was a burst of adaptive radiation during the Jurassic.
  5. Much research has been done on adaptive radiation due to its dramatic effects on the diversity of a population.
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  7. This occurred alongside the adaptive radiation of mammals, following the extinction of ( non-avian ) dinosaurs.
  8. They argue furthermore that because of this phenomenon, many phylogenies of so-called adaptive radiations will remain unresolved.
  9. A single colonizing ancestor often changed or developed into many new endemic species; this is known as adaptive radiation.
  10. Mass extinctions are often followed by adaptive radiations as existing clades expand to occupy the ecospace emptied by the extinction.
  11. Adaptive radiation is when a single species colonizes an area and rapidly diversifies to fill all of the available niches.
  12. The palila, one of several endangered honeycreepers that evolved through adaptive radiation and are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.
  13. There are other animals and plants on the Hawaiian archipelago which have undergone similar, if less spectacular, adaptive radiations.
  14. Great examples of speciation come from the observations of island biogeography and the process of adaptive radiation, both explained previously.
  15. These fishes represent a remarkable adaptive radiation of offshore and deep-water adapted fish descended from ancestral shallow water forms.
  16. It is a species in a remarkable pattern of adaptive radiation and speciation that has been documented in the Gal醦agos Islands.
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