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  • 自适应过程
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  1. For slow targets whose doppler frequencies fall into clutter doppler band , the performance of frequency domain one - dimension filtering is seriously degraded . in an airborne radar , there is interdependence between the clutter doppler frequency and spatial position . space - time adaptive processing ( stap ) utilizes this interdependence to suppress clutter and get perfect main - lobe and side - lobe clutter suppression
  2. There are three creative points in my research work : 1 ) brought forward the method of using adaptive processing to constrain the self - dithering interference of the non - contact life - parameter detection system . 2 ) brought forward the method of using acceleration sensor to detect the self - dithering interference as the referring signal of the adaptive filter . 3 ) constructed the mathematical model between the self - dithering interference of the non - contact life - parameter detection system and its radar r
    本课题具有以下创新点: 1 、提出了采用自适应处理抑制非接触生命参数检测系统的自抖动干扰; 2 、提出了采用加速度传感器检测非接触生命参数检测系统的自抖动干扰作为自适应处理的参考信号; 3 、建立了非接触生命参数检测系统自抖动和自抖动雷达回波信号之间的数学模型。
  3. In the design of corpus , we carefully analyze the syllable distribution of corpus th - coss , then classify the prosodic characters of this corpus and present out the distribution of every prosodic character . based on prosodic character vector , we construct an error function which is used to select original corpus for simulation system , and show the distribution of prosodic characters for the original corpus . greedy algorithm and corpus self - adaptive process are expatiated to set theoretical foundation for text material search
    在语料库分析与设计方面,首先统计th - coss语料库中音节分布情况,给出th - coss语料库韵律特征分类,并对每一种韵律特征进行统计,然后构造了一个基于韵律特征向量的误差函数,并采用该误差函数提取语料组成模拟系统的初始语料库,分析该库的韵律特征分布,最后阐述了greedy算法与语料自适应过程,为文本语料的搜索打下理论基础。

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