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  1. State Minister Mustafa Yilmaz promised that " within forty days the quake survivors will move into prefabricated houses, " after visiting the hard-hit town of Adapazari.
  2. In Izmit, perhaps the hardest hit, 3, 242 were dead and 8, 759 injured; in Adapazari, 2, 995 were dead and 5, 081 injured.
  3. Israeli doctors working in the city of Adapazari, where thousands are without homes or running water, Tuesday hospitalized a Turkish soldier showing signs of typhoid, including diarrhea and fever.
  4. Just in the area of Adapazari, the toll rose from 1, 000 to nearly 3, 000 in a few hours after rescue teams arrived and began recovering the dead.
  5. In a tent city outside the quake-leveled town of Adapazari, refugee Cemil Temizel, 55, complained bitterly about his leaking tent and the fields of mud surrounding it.
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