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  1. A 35-member team from Japan promised 1, 000 prefabricated homes would be sent to Adapazari, where entire districts were destroyed.
  2. Three others were crushed by debris near Izmit, and a woman died of a heart attack as she rushed from her home in Adapazari.
  3. They are Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Konya, Samsun, Adana, Antalya and Adapazari.
  4. Born in Adapazari, declared blind four days after his birth, Hrant as a child sang in the choir of an Armenian Apostolic Church.
  5. "What will these people do ? " asked tax collector Nese Akman, looking at a rain-swamped tent city in Adapazari.
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  7. The accident occurred in the northwestern town of Adapazari, some 150 kilometers ( 90 miles ) east of Istanbul, the Anatolia news agency said.
  8. The stench of decay pervaded flattened towns like Adapazari, near the quake's epicenter, where sewage lines were smashed, electricity and water out.
  9. An overwhelming majority of people in the regions of Izmit, Yalova and Adapazari have not returned home since the pre-dawn quake struck on Tuesday.
  10. At a state-owned train factory in Adapazari, which was heavily damaged in last year's quake, workers left the building in panic.
  11. One died in the town of Yalova, the other in Adapazari in the center of the quake region near the Marmara Sea, a ministry spokeswoman said.
  12. In the first reported instance of looting, Anatolian news agency said five people were arrested on charges of theft in the Sakarya province, where Adapazari is located.
  13. At an Israeli field hospital in Adapazari, one of the hardest-hit towns in the region, the initial flood of battered and injured survivors has receded.
  14. It was hit by the 1944 D鼁ce earthquake, 1957 Abant earthquake, 1967 Adapazari earthquake, and in 1999 it was destroyed by the 17 August Izmit earthquake.
  15. A German businessman died and another was missing in Adapazari near the Marmara Sea, and a German also died in the town of Yalova, a ministry spokeswoman said.
  16. President Suleyman Demirel and Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit toured the hard-hit cities of Yalova, Izmit and Adapazari to mark the construction of 6, 400 prefabricated houses.
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