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  1. In Adapazari, a major industrial town 90 miles east of Istanbul, signs of destruction remain everywhere.
  2. At least three people were brought to a hospital in Adapazari suffering from shock, local officials said.
  3. Isikara said the governor of the Adapazari region told him there were apparently no deaths or serious damage.
  4. In Adapazari, one of the hardest hit towns, government workers buried 963 people in a mass grave.
  5. The stench of decay pervaded flattened towns like Adapazari, where at least 1, 000 people were killed.
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  7. The stench of decay pervaded flattened towns like Adapazari, where at least 2, 800 people were killed.
  8. At least 2, 700 of the nearly 10, 000 victims of Tuesday's quake were in Adapazari.
  9. Nearly three-quarters of 1, 200 workers donated time to the plant, the largest employer in Adapazari.
  10. The cause of the fire in the Japanese-donated village in the northwestern city Adapazari was not immediately known.
  11. A man broke his leg in the town of Adapazari when he jumped from the third floor of a swaying building.
  12. Goodyear has three additional tire manufacturing plants in eastern Europe : Debica, Poland and in Izmit and Adapazari, Turkey.
  13. Turkish television stations showed ambulances racing through the streets of Izmit and Adapazari, towns near the reported epicenter of the tremor.
  14. Ukraine sent 37 rescuers with sniffer dogs to Turkey on Wednesday that have begun looking for missing victims in the city of Adapazari.
  15. Israel was one of the first countries to respond to news of the earthquake, which devastated Adapazari and much of the surrounding area.
  16. In one day, close to 1, 000 people were buried in a mass grave in Adapazari, 150 kilometers east of Istanbul.
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