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  1. Adapa, the first man fashioned, later goes and acts as the advisor to the King of Eridu, when in the Sumerian Kinglist, the " " Me " " of " " kingship descends on Eridu " ".
  2. Stephanie Dalley writes  From Erra and Ishum we know that all the sages were banished . . . because they angered the gods, and went back to the Apsu, where Ea lived, and . . . the story . . . ended with Adapa's banishment ."
  3. Ninhursag charged Enki, her lover and half brother, with controlling the wild animals and tending the garden, but Enki became curious about the garden, and his assistant, Adapa, selected seven plants ( eight in some version ) and offered them to Enki, who ate them.
  4. The cult of Akonnedi, god of Late ( Larteh ) in Akwapim, which has branches in Kwawu, observes its most frequent public rites on " Nkyi-Mene " or " Memenada Adapa " ( the day prior to " Akwasidae " ).
  5. In addition to his advisory duties, he served as a priest and exorcist, and upon his death took his place among the Seven Sages or " Sumerian " AB . GAL " " great water ", a reference to Adapa the first sage's association with water .)
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  7. The name " Oannes " was once conjectured to be derived from that of the ancient Babylonian god Ea, but it is now known that the name is the Greek form of the Babylonian " Uanna " ( or " Uan " ) a name used for Adapa in texts from the Library of Ashurbanipal.
  8. In his career spanning over 30 years, Adapa has worked with theatre personalities such as B . V . Karanth, Shankar Nag, M . S . Sathyu, C . G . Krishnaswamy, B . Jayashree, Prakash Belawadi, and filmmakers T . S . Nagabharana, Girish Karnad, Girish Kasaravalli, T . N . Seetharam, Mani Ratnam and Yogaraj Bhat.
  9. Against Enki's wish the Gods decide to slay Kingu, and Enki finally consents to use Kingu's blood to make the first human, with whom Enki always later has a close relationship, the first of the seven sages, seven wise men or " " Abgallu " " ( Ab = water, Gal = great, Lu = Man ), also known as Adapa.
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