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  • 实际排量
  • 实际排水量
  • 实际位移
  • 有效行程
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  1. Finally , after the completion of the project , a displacement measurement was carried out , and it was found that the measured displacement satisfactorily was in good agreement with the actual displacement , indicating that both the design and the execution of the project have achieved the expected goals
  2. In addition , utilizing fuzzy neural network model of this paper , deformation prediction result can be revised according to accurate analyze between expert and actual displacement situation , it can prevent traditional neural model unable to change the structure of models in real time network model , and the shortcoming of the adaptability of the sudden change situation of future
  3. The state , distribution and value of the earth pressure acted on the retaining structures , which are the key factors that affect the deformation and stability of the deep foundation pit , are determined with the actual displacement caused by the interactions and mutual deformations of the retaining structures , ring beams , middle beams and the foundation soil without any hypotheses
    根据基坑开挖过程中支护结构、圈梁、腰梁和地基相互作用及共同变形所产生的实际位移方向及其大小来确定影响基坑变形和稳定的关键因素? ?作用在支护结构两侧土压力的状态、分布形式和数值大小,而不对其作任何预先假定。

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