actual dates in a sentence

"actual dates" in Chinese  
  1. The actual date the station went silent however, is unknown.
  2. "I can't remember the actual date or what we did.
  3. The actual date of Arbor Day is somewhat arbitrary.
  4. Then, one can check the actual dates of papers.
  5.  Commit Date is the actual date of commitment or earliest instance of public support.
  6. It's difficult to find actual dates in a sentence.
  7. There was some confusion over his actual date of birth, which is July 7, 1984.
  8. The actual date of the meeting is yet to be announced by the Works Ministry.
  9. I have not looked at the actual dates ).
  10. But I don't have an actual date ."
  11. The show is simply a microcosm of what the actual date selection process is really like,
  12. I hope that from next year on, the day will be observed on the actual date.
  13. The actual date of its construction is unknown.
  14. The actual date of the film was 2006.
  15. The actual date of occupancy by the mayor : July 1, 2003 _ at the earliest.
  16. Few iron artifacts have ever been found at Site II, which further confused the actual date.
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