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  1. The actual date is disputed  John Gash places it in 1601 1603.
  2. The actual date of release was later reported as 21 January.
  3. As for his actual date of birth, is it Oct . 14, 1968?
  4. Another biography is wrong about the actual date of Sumner's death.
  5. Some think he went there in 1631, but the actual date is disputed.
  6. It's difficult to find actual dates in a sentence.
  7. The actual date of construction of the Ch鈚eau de Guernon-Ranville is not known.
  8. The actual date of construction is unknown but had been completed by March 1448.
  9. When an actual date leads to heavy petting, however, she flees from his car.
  10. His lawyers say the actual date may have been June 1, after he returned.
  11. The actual date of this list is February 15, 1925.
  12. This appears to be the first direct reference to the actual date of events.
  13. The actual date depended on how the national team fared in the international tournament.
  14. The actual date, American-style, is a dance of its own without manual or manuscript.
  15. My actual date of birth is October 16 1953 ).
  16. The actual date of completion is unknown and ranges anywhere from 1884 to 1895.
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