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  1. In 1989, CPHV established the Legal Action Project to press its agenda in the courts.
  2. In 1974, she founded the Birzeit University Legal Aid Committee and Human Rights Action Project.
  3. Paul Hudson, executive director of the nonprofit Aviation Consumer Action Project, went even further Tuesday.
  4. The Community Action Project of Tulsa County was soon after announced as a tenant as well.
  5. The U . S . military also provides assistance through construction and humanitarian civic action projects.
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  7. Each youth board makes strategic mini-grants to youth-directed civic action projects that utilize a service-learning framework.
  8. In addition, minyan members are involved in education and social action projects with the wider congregation.
  9. On August 19, 2010, the NRA-CRPA Foundation Legal Action Project filed a lawsuit challenging AB 962.
  10. The LEADS in Action Project is relevant to the context and practicability of health leader s environments.
  11. The Church also coordinated a multitude of action projects under the financial control of the Baltimore chancery.
  12. Disney has a pattern of premiering its animated features in June and its live-action projects in December.
  13. In addition, MAG provides technical assistance and quality assurance to mine action projects in Qu?ng Ng鉯 provinces.
  14. In addition, the Battalion was tasked with many Civil Action Projects . see ( Fig . 5)
  15. Germain is currently working on live-action projects.
  16. At the time there was also a US Army unit operating in the province conducting civic action projects.
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