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Pronunciation:   "action principle" in a sentence
  • 酌原理
  • 作用原理
  • action:    n. 1.动作,活动;行为,行动。 ...
  • principle:    n. 1.原理,原则。 2.主义;政 ...
  • least action principle:    最小酌原理; 最小作用量原理
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  1. This paper analyses the development process of the least - action principle in physicsis and discusses its internal implications and functions
  2. According to action principle , extinguishing process and efficiency of the sprinkler systems , it is put forward that the ringed arrangements replace the ramiform arrangements
  3. The guaranteeing system of library operation based on knowledge management means the structure , the function and their action principle and action process which guarantee library operation based on knowledge management
  4. Ear acupuncture point buries needle therapeutics , its action principle and acupuncture treatment are basic and same , it is the method that adopts point of exciting human body , will adjust dietary habit and endocrine function to wait
  5. By comparing with the practice of public course teaching of " ethnic theory and policy " and the index system for national essence course , and by reviewing how the project team of essence course of " ethnic theory and policy " in guangxi university for nationalities is doing in updating teaching content , dissimilating teaching philosophy and technology , constructing faculty , improving teaching environment , and enhance actual teaching effect , the paper describes the idea of great - leap - forward development and the action principle that ensures this development intending to achieve first - class teaching 1evel and to bring about the zero - breakthrough of national essence course

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