acheulean meaning

Pronunciation:   "acheulean" in a sentence
  • or Acheulian /ə-shooˈli-ən/
      Belonging to an early Palaeolithic culture above the Chellean and below the Mousterian
      ORIGIN: Saint Acheul near Amiens, France, where implements of this period are found in river deposits


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  1. Hand axes constitute an important group artefacts from the Acheulean.
  2. The kill site at Boxgrove in England is another famous Acheulean site.
  3. In these newly colonised areas, no Acheulean assemblages have been found.
  4. Pleistocene fauna and Acheulean artifacts have been found in the Olpiro Beds.
  5. The lower part of the sequence contains simpler, older Acheulean technology.

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