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  1. Acheson was interred in Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown, Washington, DC.
  2. These were modifications that neither Acheson nor Lilienthal accepted.
  3. US Secretary of State Dean Acheson was in agreement.
  4. Acheson has also amassed a large body of work as a voice actor.
  5. The Dean Acheson Auditorium extends upward from the first through the third stories.
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  7. The locality is named after A . Acheson Tisdal, a railroad official.
  8. Acheson believes NATO's role as a mutual defense organization is still needed.
  9. The Lila Acheson Wallace Wing of Mammals and Their Extinct Relations opened last spring.
  10. Acheson predicted the dollar will trade between 110 yen and 120 yen next quarter.
  11. The book is generally admiring, although Chace does criticize Acheson for some things.
  12. 1984 : Cofounder Lila Acheson Wallace dies at 94
  13. Survivors include his wife, Mary Acheson Bundy, three children and three grandchildren.
  14. Acheson gave a similar account to the judge.
  15. T . W . Acheson is one of the main proponents of this theory.
  16. Marshall, Bradley, Acheson and Harriman met with Truman again on 9 April.
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