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  • 可接受值域
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  1. The resource adapter might use this method to check that numeric properties are within the acceptable range or to ensure that a string property representing a value from an enumeration is valid
  2. Conclusion : we should connect the control of mechanism with the technical control , connect the regulation control and organization control , then , we can reduce the risk of m & a to the acceptable range
  3. In order to insure optimal quality paper , mills producing for fuji xerox are required to enact a series of strict standard requirements and strictly abide by them . the performance error will be kept within an acceptable range and measure up fuji xerox s standards
  4. In fact , the model calibration is a function optimization problem , which searches the best or better parameter values in their acceptable ranges to attain a match between the observed and simulated distribution or distributions of a dependent variable or variables
  5. In order to guarantee the specified performance , model uncertainty must be taken into account properly . robust model predictive control is referred to the predictive control method which can make the performance index within the acceptable range in the presence of model uncertainty

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