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    <protocol> (ACAP) A protocol which enhances IMAP by allowing the user to set up address books, user options, and other data for universal access. Currently (Feb 1997) no Internet proprietary products have implemented ACAP because the Internet Engineering Task Force has not yet approved the final specification. This was expected early in 1997.


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  1. ACAP is primarily based on the DVB consortium and DASE, developed by the ATSC.
  2. No public search engines recognise Acap.
  3. The name change to the Association for Community Affiliated Plans ( ACAP ) reflected the new mission and membership.
  4. Currently ACAP protects all the world's albatross species, seven southern-hemisphere petrel and two shearwater species.
  5. It is available for $ 5 from ACAP, Post Office Box 19029, Washington, D . C . 20036.

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