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  1. This absorption ability is potent enough to assimilate even the toxins that compose the Venom symbiote; the symbiote fled, fearing that she may be capable of truly destroying it.
  2. A : You need a different eraser, according to fifth-generation pencil pusher Jim Weissenborn at the General Pencil Co . The standard pink eraser does not have the required coarseness or absorption ability.
  3. Ewa Fryberg, in charge of the program in the Privatization Ministry, said EBRD's assistance is crucial because it helps improve credit absorption abilities of Polish companies and assists banks in adapting to a free-market economy.
  4. In " June 13-Part 2 ", Angela realizes how Claire died : the new born Nathan has the same power absorption abilities that his great-grandfather Arthur Petrelli and to a lesser extent his grand-uncle Peter had.
  5. Like when she drew energy directly from Starfire emulating her omni-directional energy burst, due to her greater steller energy absorption abilities however Blackfire can recover faster than her sister when she uses her powers in such a way.
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  7. However, in fact, complete 100 % conversion into Co-60 is unlikely, as 1957 British experiment at Maralinga showed that Co-59's neutron absorption ability was much lower than predicted, resulting in a very limited formation of Co-60 isotope in practice.
  8. Not only the increased swell of PMAA ( 280 nm ) was observed but also the different absorption ability of water was shown by the different transmission of IR light at a much smaller dimension ( < 500 nm ).
  9. Monarch's powers stem from his ability to manipulate the quantum field, and he has demonstrated the powers of flight, teleportation ( even between different realities ), vastly powerful energy projection, manipulation and absorption abilities, vast superhuman strength and invulnerability ( Superman's punches didn't even faze him ), matter absorption and manipulation abilities and vast though vaguely defined awareness.
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