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[ 'əbaut ] Pronunciation:   "about" in a sentence   "about" meaning
  • adv.
    1.大约,差不多;前后,左右。 About a mile 大约一英里。 That's about right. 大致不差。 That's about (the size of) it. 就是那么一回事;大概如此。 It is about finished 差不多要完成[终结]。
    2.周围,四面;到处。 Look about 四顾。
    3.活动;盛行,到处散布,传布。 The news is going about. 消息正在传开。
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  1. Can we speak about plans for the holidays ?
  2. There is no news about this matter so far .
  3. She is worried about her son's health .
  4. I feel badly about your leaving so soon .
  5. I already knew about the lousy cars .

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