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  1. The sweet spot is left of the spine, fourth lumbar down . it's the abdominal aorta . the largest artery in the body . bleed out is under ten seconds . and it wasn't a vampire movie . idiot
  2. In the pelvis area, at the level of the last lumbar vertebra, the abdominal aorta, a continuation the descending aorta, splits into a pair of psoas major to exits the pelvis area through the vascular lacuna under the inguinal ligament.
  3. Structures passing through the thoracic outlet between the thorax and abdomen include the inferior vena cava and esophagus, both of which pass through the diaphragm, and the abdominal aorta and thoracic duct which pass through the diaphragm, through the aortic hiatus.
  4. New research has found that women who smoke are at significantly increased risk of developing an abdominal aortic aneurysm, a condition in which a weak area of the abdominal aorta expands or bulges, and is the most common form of aortic aneurysm.
  5. Generally this anomalous source is the superior mesenteric artery or more rarely the abdominal aorta, producing what has been described as a " replacing right hepatic artery ", passing through the hepatobiliary triangle and running posterior and parallel to the cystic duct.
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