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  1. Following emergency surgery on a blockage in his abdominal aorta, he disclosed he had been diagnosed with colon cancer.
  2. He visits Genghis Mao and informs the dictator of an aneurysm he detected in the dictator's abdominal aorta.
  3. Doctors performed emergency surgery to clear a blockage of the abdominal aorta that carries blood from the heart to the lower body.
  4. The aorta then continues downward as the abdominal aorta ( or abdominal portion of the aorta ) diaphragm to the aortic bifurcation.
  5. They appear in the abdominal aorta most often in men over age 55, with smoking and high blood pressure as contributing factors.
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  7. They often involve large portions of the ascending and transverse aortic arch, the abdominal aorta, or less frequently the iliac arteries.
  8. The SMV lies to the anatomical right of the similarly named artery, the superior mesenteric artery, which originates from the abdominal aorta.
  9. The strongest impact of smoking was seen in the abdominal aorta, where aneurysms, or bulging of artery walls, develop in middle age.
  10. The renal circulation supplies the blood to the kidneys via the renal arteries, left and right, which branch directly from the abdominal aorta.
  11. This seems to suggest that a stab several inches through the skin would result in produse bleeding from the abdominal aorta, which it would.
  12. Another example in the abdominal aorta is the embolization of the internal iliac artery on one side prior to coverage by an iliac limb device.
  13. The cartoonist, who turns 77 today, was diagnosed with colon cancer after undergoing emergency surgery Nov . 16 to clear a blocked abdominal aorta.
  14. Buried beneath the abdominal wall and the intestines, shielded from the rear by ribs and back muscles, the abdominal aorta lies at our very pith.
  15. Rainer, who has ruled the tiny Riveria principality for 50 years, also had an operation in December to repair an aneurysm in his abdominal aorta.
  16. The prince, who has ruled Monaco for the past 50 years, also had an operation in December to repair an aneurysm in his abdominal aorta.
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