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  • 腹织脉
  • 腹主动脉
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  1. Effects of tongluo prescription on angiotensin level in plasma , kidney , heart and abdominal aorta in diabetic rats
  2. Effect of simvastatin on vessel smooth muscle cell proliferation and possible mechanism after stenting in abdominal aorta of rabbits
  3. Effects of 17 - estradiol eluting stent implantation on neointima proliferation and re - endothelialization of abdominal aorta in rabbits
  4. The abdominal aorta is normally smaller than the thoracic aorta , and rupture of the abdominal aorta usually occurs at smaller sizes than in the thorax
  5. The vein was reconstructed by end - to - side anastomosis between the donor portal vein and the recipient superior mesenteric vein , and arterial reconstruction was carried out by end - to - side anastomosis of the donor to the recipient abdominal aorta

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