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  1. Aaron Copland's courtroom ballet music from 1934, came after intermission.
  2. Stravinsky's rhythm and vitality greatly influenced the composer Aaron Copland.
  3. Aaron Copland was impressed by Antheil's pianism, musicianship and seriousness.
  4. Also represented are American composers whom Bernstein championed, including his onetime mentor, Aaron Copland.
  5. Among American tonal composers, only Aaron Copland has created so much uniquely identifiable music.
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  7. The judges were Aaron Copland, Vladimir Ussachevsky and Stanislaw Skrowaczewski.
  8. The development of this harmonic technique in turn influenced the music of Aaron Copland.
  9. The music he listens to : Aaron Copland, Scott Joplin, Erik Satie and Stravinsky.
  10. The symphony needs a hall where Aaron Copland's majestic music can roll and resonate.
  11. Perlis and composer Aaron Copland first became friends while working on the Ives project.
  12. Aaron Copland offered an excerpt of his " Appalachian Spring,"
  13. Aaron Copland, to be specific, composer of " Fanfare for the Common Man ."
  14. The 515 Park show comes with music by Aaron Copland.
  15. Edgard Varese and Aaron Copland were also among its champions.
  16. He studied composition with Darius Milhaud and Aaron Copland.
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