aaron cook in a sentence

  1. Aaron Cook ( 2-6 ) gave up 11 hits and six runs, falling to 0-6 on the road.
  2. Colorado right-hander Aaron Cook ( 2-4 ) went 6 1-3 innings, allowing eight hits and three runs.
  3. Aaron Cook, 23, got a glimpse of the major leagues last season, and Jason Young, 23, is on the horizon.
  4. They are viewed as the anchors of a staff that will include Aaron Cook, if healthy from blood clot problems, and Jeff Francis.
  5. In 1653, the General Court granted of meadowland to Lieutenant Aaron Cook, to John Bissell and to Thomas Ford, all in Massacoe.
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  7. He homered in three straight games from June 1 3 against the Phillies and homered twice on June 11 off Colorado Rockies starter Aaron Cook.
  8. Aaron Cook ( 2-2 ) won for the first time in four starts, allowing eight hits, all singles, in eight innings.
  9. O'Dowd said losing starting pitcher Aaron Cook, who is recovering from blood clots in his lungs, was a factor in holding back Francis.
  10. On July 5, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, who managed the NL squad, chose Marquis to be on the NL Aaron Cook ( 2008 ).
  11. In Denver, Juan Uribe hit a three-run homer, rookie Aaron Cook pitched seven strong innings and the Colorado Rockies beat the San Diego Padres.
  12. Neagle, bothered by a sore left elbow, will be pushed back to the fifth spot behind Jennings, Aaron Cook, Shawn Chacon and Denny Stark.
  13. Ritz had his big break when he joined the Rockies in Aaron Cook ( 2008 ), Jason Marquis ( 2009 ), and Ubaldo Jim閚ez ( 2010 ).
  14. This decision was controversial as he was selected instead of Aaron Cook, who was the World No . 1 and European champion in the-80 kg class.
  15. At Tucson, Arizona, rookie right-hander Aaron Cook pitched five scoreless innings and Todd Helton doubled twice, scored twice and drove in a run for Colorado.
  16. Bonds drove home the Giants'first two runs in the first inning with a double into the right-center gap against Aaron Cook ( 2-5 ).
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