a urinal in a sentence

"a urinal" in Chinese  
  1. Some include both a seated toilet and a urinal.
  2. Inside one room, a urinal and sink were bolted shoulder height on a paint-splattered wall.
  3. Sondheim compared the acoustics of the original production to " performing in a urinal ."
  4. In the incident, a female midshipman was handcuffed to a urinal by two male classmates.
  5. For instance, they put a six-inch stool in front of a urinal in the bathroom.
  6. It's difficult to find a urinal in a sentence.
  7. In the early 20th century Marcel Duchamp submitted for exhibition a urinal as a sculpture.
  8. One boy is so close to a urinal he appears to be sitting in it.
  9. But an umbrella holder is not a urinal.
  10. "The women's bathroom still had a urinal ."
  11. The prolonged use of a urinal has been shown to lead to constipation or trouble urinating.
  12. A urinal, perhaps ? " she said, jokingly.
  13. Is it because it's more like a urinal?
  14. During a break in negotiations, standing next to Redstone at a urinal, he says, " Sumner.
  15. One fan tried to take a urinal from the stadium last week before he was stopped.
  16. What do you call the disk that you often see in the bottom of a urinal?
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