a university in a sentence

"a university" in Chinese  
  1. A university official said Monday that Ennis will remain suspended indefinitely.
  2. This gift really is a university gift in the broadest sense.
  3. The people carrying placards said a university should set higher standards.
  4. He weighed 235 as a University of Arkansas Razorbacks football lineman.
  5. They would train instead at a university outside of Kuala Lumpur.
  6. It's difficult to find a university in a sentence.
  7. Alan Mulally said at a University of Washington Business School breakfast.
  8. The picture was a less rosy according to a university survey.
  9. The figures were analyzed by a University of Texas mathematics professor.
  10. A university official wrote a letter of objection to Nature Genetics.
  11. Working with the Pan Pacific is like going through a university.
  12. Oregon was more than a university with really ugly school colors.
  13. Wiffen never attended a university or got a single research grant.
  14. How can a university permit a terrorist to lecture its students?
  15. She has a university education and is fluent in three languages.
  16. It was a class he needed to get into a university.
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