a university in a sentence

"a university" in Chinese  
  1. Clinton is the parent of a young woman attending a university.
  2. People have no idea what it can do to a university.
  3. She has a university degree and is fluent in three languages.
  4. Toledo and Karp have a daughter who is a university student.
  5. We had schools and a university with a tradition of excellence.
  6. It's difficult to find a university in a sentence.
  7. Gates is a tenured faculty member but not a University Professor.
  8. This is the story of a university that tore itself apart.
  9. It represents a lawlessness you should not see at a university,
  10. A university spokesman said the school would release a statement Saturday.
  11. Another factor is the generally meager income of a university lecturer.
  12. Since when is going to class at a university a punishment?
  13. A university professor earns an average of dlrs 400 per month.
  14. We talk a lot about a university of the first class,
  15. She recently returned to the east for a university class reunion.
  16. Rarely does a university consider that a student cannot be rehabilitated.
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