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  1. Then while reading through a trade magazine, he spotted an advertisement for an auctioneer of horses.
  2. According to Beckett Sports Collectibles, a trade magazine, retail sales last year were around $ 400 million.
  3. A 1991 ad from a trade magazine, Bobbin, shows a woman named Rosa Martinez in El Salvador.
  4. Computer Reseller News, a trade magazine, is reporting in this week's issue that Maples plans to retire.
  5. Eventually she found work as a re-write editor for a trade magazine, later becoming a freelance writer.
  6. It's difficult to find a trade magazine in a sentence.
  7. You mentioned trade magazines, well reference # 1 is a profile on Murphy by a trade magazine.
  8. He eventually became production manager for a trade magazine and a variety-store directory published by the company.
  9. Interactive Age, a trade magazine, recently picked Starwave's offerings as among the best on the World Wide Web.
  10. To improve the situation, mechanics can do a number of things, starting with picking up a trade magazine.
  11. Officials got the idea after reading a trade magazine about similar efforts in Myrtle Beach, S . C.
  12. Hillard Sterling, a technology and antitrust lawyer at Chicago-based Gordon & AMP; Glickson, told PC Week, a trade magazine.
  13. The Industry Standard, a trade magazine, reported last week that NBC is close to a deal to buy Lycos.
  14. And a trade magazine blurbing that someone got a new job is probably too trivial for constructing an article.
  15. This pursuit was unsuccessful and she tried writing, eventually selling her first article about fashion to a trade magazine.
  16. After linen closets, pantries are what Americans want most, according to Professional Builder, a trade magazine for home builders.
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